June 25, 2011

Lavender and a Fairy Garden

We visited a really neat place this week - an herb farm that's not too far from where we live (yet we never knew about it!). So many interesting herbs and flowers, themed gardens to explore, and a field of lavender ready for picking.

Inspired by the fairy gardens there and selection of miniature plants, we decided to finally make our own little fairy garden when we got home.

A little glass bowl became a pond, and my big boy was happy to add rocks and beach glass for a path.

Although when I first asked him if he thought any fairies would come visit our garden, he laughed and said no. But by the time we were done putting our garden together, he ran over to our vegetable garden and picked some peas "for the fairies".

This morning, the peas were gone and only the pods remained... much to his excitement.