February 27, 2011

Coming Soon...

Something new will be hatching in our home, come September. Not a new toy or puzzle this time, but a new member of the family.

We were pretty darn sure that our two boys were the perfect match for us. At four years old and 20 months, they keep us plenty busy. So this unexpected pregnancy has taken a little bit of time to adjust to, but now we are all looking forward to meeting this new little one at the end of this summer.

It seems that ever since becoming parents, we have been handed lesson after lesson on going with the flow. It was a challenge to keep life neat and tidy and predictable with one child. After the second came along, expectations had to be lowered all around. The house is never quite as clean, the days are never quite as calm and quiet as they used to be, and there is never as much sleep as there once was... not to mention the unending battle of laundry, and the challenge of preparing meals that include something that all of us will enjoy.

Yes, I'm fully expecting things to get much messier and harder, as our family grows one last time. I will no longer have enough hands for each child. Our kitchen table will no longer have enough chairs. But I am feeling ok about it, knowing that at this point we just have to embrace what is to come and keep going with the flow.

We are excited to be planning another home birth for this little one's arrival. We're going to attempt to sell our house this spring, so with any luck it might be the grand event to break in a new home for us! Our shop is still keeping us busy, and 2011 is already speeding by in a blur. We are excited about what the rest of this year has in store for us, and especially meeting this new little person, who I know will fit right in :)

No that's not me!
But isn't this Organic Cotton Maternity Shirt by Xenotees lovely!?

I've also been admiring these beautiful & colorful diaper covers by Wild Child Woolies


  1. Oh wow! congratulations! You look absolutely gorgeous in that photo - stunning really. Hope you are feeling well and best of luck with the arrival he or she will be here before you know it!!

  2. Thank you but Oh no that's not me!! Yikes I will clarify that in my post :) Just an Etsy maternity shirt I've been admiring.

    Thanks for your good wishes! <3

  3. Congratulations! More joy for your household!