February 20, 2011

Oink! Baa! Neigh!

I'm excited to finally have listed one of our new items in our shop tonight. This Set of 6 Wooden Farm Animals includes a horse, pig, sheep, goat, dog and cow.

We are also working on some new seasonal puzzles, which we hope to have finished and listed soon. Of course, that could mean next weekend or next month. It's hard to say! It's been a busy month at our home - between trying to prepare our house for selling, and my morning all day sickness which renders me pretty useless most days. My family is lucky they have some clean laundry and an occasional meal lately ;)

One of really fun parts of having an Etsy shop is checking our Google Analytics to see how people are landing at our site. A sudden burst of traffic or sales will usually mean we've been mentioned somewhere on the web - and that is always an awesome feeling! To think that someone likes something we make enough to mention it on their website or blog - big or small - is just an awesome warm fuzzy feeling.

Thanks to all these wonderful folks who have mentioned Just Hatched recently:

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LMNOP Magazine
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Tiny Twist Creative
Bloesem Kids

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