February 27, 2011

Coming Soon...

Something new will be hatching in our home, come September. Not a new toy or puzzle this time, but a new member of the family.

We were pretty darn sure that our two boys were the perfect match for us. At four years old and 20 months, they keep us plenty busy. So this unexpected pregnancy has taken a little bit of time to adjust to, but now we are all looking forward to meeting this new little one at the end of this summer.

It seems that ever since becoming parents, we have been handed lesson after lesson on going with the flow. It was a challenge to keep life neat and tidy and predictable with one child. After the second came along, expectations had to be lowered all around. The house is never quite as clean, the days are never quite as calm and quiet as they used to be, and there is never as much sleep as there once was... not to mention the unending battle of laundry, and the challenge of preparing meals that include something that all of us will enjoy.

Yes, I'm fully expecting things to get much messier and harder, as our family grows one last time. I will no longer have enough hands for each child. Our kitchen table will no longer have enough chairs. But I am feeling ok about it, knowing that at this point we just have to embrace what is to come and keep going with the flow.

We are excited to be planning another home birth for this little one's arrival. We're going to attempt to sell our house this spring, so with any luck it might be the grand event to break in a new home for us! Our shop is still keeping us busy, and 2011 is already speeding by in a blur. We are excited about what the rest of this year has in store for us, and especially meeting this new little person, who I know will fit right in :)

No that's not me!
But isn't this Organic Cotton Maternity Shirt by Xenotees lovely!?

I've also been admiring these beautiful & colorful diaper covers by Wild Child Woolies

February 20, 2011

Oink! Baa! Neigh!

I'm excited to finally have listed one of our new items in our shop tonight. This Set of 6 Wooden Farm Animals includes a horse, pig, sheep, goat, dog and cow.

We are also working on some new seasonal puzzles, which we hope to have finished and listed soon. Of course, that could mean next weekend or next month. It's hard to say! It's been a busy month at our home - between trying to prepare our house for selling, and my morning all day sickness which renders me pretty useless most days. My family is lucky they have some clean laundry and an occasional meal lately ;)

One of really fun parts of having an Etsy shop is checking our Google Analytics to see how people are landing at our site. A sudden burst of traffic or sales will usually mean we've been mentioned somewhere on the web - and that is always an awesome feeling! To think that someone likes something we make enough to mention it on their website or blog - big or small - is just an awesome warm fuzzy feeling.

Thanks to all these wonderful folks who have mentioned Just Hatched recently:

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February 16, 2011

First Socks

I finally finished knitting my first ever pair of socks! I started these with hopes of becoming a Christmas gift for my big boy, but knitting time was really limited over the holidays so they became a February gift instead.

The pattern is Patons Child's Ribbed Classics, and it was a perfectly simple one to start with. (Ravelry link here.) The smallest size fits my 4 year old with room to spare.

I am really happy with how they turned out! And the best test ever is when he put them on today and said "They are soft and cozy!" Success, indeed!

February 15, 2011

Goodbye, Mothering

It's just a magazine, but it's also a little bit like an old friend.

I remember the day I first saw Mothering on the shelf at a bookstore. My first child was just a few months old, and I was still reveling in the miracle of his birth and taking in all that came along with being a new mother.

I remember reading an article by a father about his wife giving birth to their child at home, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Though my first son's birth was unmedicated, and not surgical, the hospital experience was far from the "natural" birth I wanted. But without anyone close to me who had given birth naturally, I lacked the support or information to make better choices at that time. I read that article and knew that was what I wanted for my future childrens' births, and immediately subscribed to the magazine. I set off to read every book about birth that I could, and 2 years later gave birth to my second son in our living room.

From when I first subscribed as a new mother in 2006, until now, I have looked forward to Mothering arriving in the mail every 60 days. I usually read it in bed, and always learn something new. Most importantly, I always feel connected to a greater community of mothers who are a lot like me, often making choices that mainstream society does not understand or agree with.

A couple of years ago, my husband submitted an essay he wrote that was published in the Nov/Dec 2009 Mothering. It was such an exciting day to see our names and our son's photos (that I had taken) right there in the pages of this magazine I loved so much.

So it is a sad day today, as I learned that Mothering will not be printing any more issues. I am thankful for the insight and guidance I came to expect in each issue, and the online community that I have been a part of for the past 4 years also. I hope that Mothering's online presence will still offer some of the same things to new parents, like what it offered me when I first picked it up 4 years ago.

Goodbye, Mothering. You will be missed.