January 12, 2011

Put it on the calendar

The end of 2010 was busy and stressful. So naturally, I've been pondering how to make sure 2011 is more peaceful and organized. We got off to a bumpy start, but now I'm feeling better about where we're headed for 2011.

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On a friend's recommendation, I signed up for the free site cozi.com, which is an easy to use family calendar site - you can color code things for each family member, make grocery lists, send things to your phone, and I set it up to email my husband and I our weekly calendar each Sunday. (No I'm not being paid to mention their site - Ha! I wish! - I just really like it.) For some reason, Google Calendar just wasn't doing it for us. But this is working great.

Instead of muddling through the weeks, struggling to find time for everything (and each other), I've made us a weekly schedule that has specific time allotted for our work, family time, and even time for my husband and I to have one-on-one time with each child (and each other). This is already helping us feel more productive and at ease with our weekly routine.

Mini Goals Chalkboard by MaryKateMcDevitt on Etsy.

I've also scheduled time at the end of each month to organize our business receipts, etc. for the month using Outright. So hopefully next year's taxes will be easier (compared to the scary huge pile of receipts and papers I have been shoving into a binder all of last year.)

Of course, as important as the schedules and calendar themselves, is the flexibility to make changes as needed - and know when to throw the day's schedule out the window too ;)

Even though it took me until mid-January for the inspiration of a new year sink in, I'm feeling pretty good now about the next 11 months!

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