January 13, 2011

Things we love: Mama K's Play Clay

We've finally had a chance to break out the Play Clay my kids got for Christmas. Oh my, this stuff is just downright awesome!

Mama K's is no ordinary play dough. It is Gluten Free, and made with Organic essential oils to give it the beautiful scents of Lavendar, Bergamot, Lemongrass, Geranium, Sweet Orange (my favorite!), Cardamom, and Chamomile.

It has the wonderfully smooth texture of homemade play clay, with vibrant colors and exotic scents that made our hands and kitchen smell wonderful while we played with it. Oh yes, I played too. I promise if your kids have this out, you won't be able to resist.

We all enjoyed smelling each flavor and trying to decide which was our favorite. Playing with these felt like an indulgence of the senses, and I love the little storage containers they come in too.

MamaK was an Etsy featured seller recently, and you can read more about her here. Check out her shop for individual tubs of clay, sets, and these adorable Mini Clays, which my 4 year old thinks are awesome - and are perfect for using in the car or in a waiting room somewhere.

Thank you MamaK, for making such an amazing product!

(And no, this is not a sponsored post in any way. I just wanted to share since I think these are so great!)

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  1. nice pictures! thanks so much for the great post.
    you guys are awesome!